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What is the secret behind successful websites?

  • 1. Attractive, user-friendly web design on all devices.

  • 2. High usability for the target group.

  • 3. Content that turns visitors into customers.

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The 3 key factors for a successful corporate website & company website in Singapore

1.  Attractive, user-friendly design

An attractive, user-friendly web design is necessary to attract and retain customers. If your website is the first point of interaction for your customer then it matters all the more that you make the best impression possible

Think about what kind of design your target group will favour and respond well to. Take that into consideration in your website design.

Establish a quick and positive connection with your customers from the get-go by using a well-designed website to represent your business online in the digital world. 


Design is important for:

  • Building trust

    Good web design helps with building trust and conveying a professional image.

  • Feeling

    A web design has the power to positively impact the feeling someone have about your business.

  • Message

    Targeted web design will convey your message and call-to-action clearly and impactfully.

2.  Usability

If potential customers come to your website and cannot easily find what they need then you are going to lose them quickly. This is what we call the drop-off rate. 

Let's take a look at your website and improve the user experience and make it usable for the potential customers. Our goal is to help them find exactly what they need so that your website is a profitable platform for you. 


Usability tasks:

  • Avoid moments of frustration

    If you want to order something and the website breaks down in the middle of the buying process, would you try again on this website? Probably not! We ensure perfect functionality in web design.

  • Satisfaction

    Have you ever struggled to find something on a website? Did you get frustrated? How quickly did you give up? To ensure your customers have the best experience and don’t leave you website with frustration, we create an intuitive information architecture in web design.

  • Navigate without barriers

    We eliminiate hurdles in your customer’s experience! We ensure your business has a website where loading time is short, everything can be accessed at a few clicks and the goal can be reached quickly. The experience will also be kept uniform on computer, tablets and smartphones.

3.  Content

"Content is King" is a popular saying in the digital marketing world. It is absolutely true! Content has the power to make or break. It determines whether a site visitor is convinced of your offer. 

As a digital marketing agency, our job is to help you create content that has the power to turn your website visitors into customers. We apply well-researched methods and the psychology of user behaviour to ensure this. But, for the content to be effective, it should be staged well and this is where it is important to have a good web design that supports your content well. 


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