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How to attract customers through social media

  • 1. We do a social meda audit (your business vs your competitor's business)

  • 2. We plan your customized social media strategy.

  • 3. We bring your target group to your website. There we turn prospective customers into customers.

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Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube,
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Social Media Marketing Singapore

How should you use social media for your company! Learn with

Social Media Guide

As a business, there are 2 main goals you can pursue using social media! This is how you can tap into the power of social media to grow your business. 

Goal 1: Customers and Sales

You should be able to attract customers via your social media channels. Because more customers means more sales. And only then will social media really pay off - this is especially important for SMEs with smaller budgets. 

Goal 2: Brand Positioning 

You should be able to establish yourself as an expert in your field using your social media channels. This will help your target customers to place their trust in you, your message and your offer. And you can in turn skillfully convert trust into customer acquisition.


What does social media marketing bring for companies in Singapore?

Companies can use social media marketing in many ways.
We have briefly summarized the most important (and most profitable) points here:

Win customers

Our principle: Marketing should bring more than it costs. This also applies to social media marketing. Used correctly, you can sustainably win customers using via Facebook, Xing, Twitter, YouTube and thus generate more sales.

Position yourself as an expert

You are definitely an expert in your industry. Social media marketing offers ideal opportunities for you to be perceived as such. This status makes it easier for you to attract people from the target group as customers.

Market research of your target group

You can monitor and evaluate what your target customers' wants and needs using social media. You can also study your competition's marketing strategy via social media channels. This willl help you to find out exactly what your target group wants and which measures work.

Be close to your target group

It really depends on your industry which social media channels work best. But no matter which channel is best for you, there is an opportunity for you to connect directly with your potential customers and build a relationship. There is no other place to do this better but social media. 


The market potential of social media in Singapore:

Percent of social media usage in Singapore
internet users using messaging apps in Singapore
internet users watching videos on social media platforms
Active Mobile Users on Socia Media Platforms

Is social media marketing suitable for all industries in Singapore?


The answer is: yes and no. Social media does not work the same way for all businesses and all industries but that is not to say it cannot bring benefits in one form or another. For some businesses, social media can easily influence a direct increase in sales while for another business it cannot do so as easily. 

However, there are different goals that can be achieved through social media. Use it for awareness building, to connect with your customers and direct them to other channels where sales is possible, use it to be easily reachable for customer service purposes and more. In this day and age, where social media has gained so much popularity there is always something to be gained from building a social media presence. You just need to have realistic expectations in terms of whether social media will be where you will be making sales. This is easier for ecommerce compared to for example an international school. 

How does social media marketing work for companies in Singapore?

Step 1: Social media audit 

We research the channels with the greatest potential for your target group and analyze which type of measures promise the greatest success for you.

Step 2: Social media strategy

We create an editorial plan and, if desired, an advertising plan based on the analysis results in order to reach your target group on social networks.

Step 3: Channel to the website

We implement pathways to your website and landing pages to drive potential customers to take the action you want them to e.g. purchase, sign-up, register. This is where you can turn them into customers!

Advantages of our Social Media Marketing Services in Singapore

More customers for you

We build our social media strategy and execute it.  Everything we do is geared towards getting more customers!

100 percent traceable

We provide you with facts and figures on how we want to win customers for you on the Internet. Expect full transparency.

Security through free initial consultation

First you will receive a free initial consultation from us. You decide on the offer after that.

Proven hundreds of times has successfully supported many businesses in online marketing. Our know-how speaks for itself.

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