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How to win customers with Google

  • 1. We research search terms with sales potential.

  • 2. We place you in the top positions on Google.

  • 3. This brings your target group to your website. There we turn prospective customers into customers.


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Number of clicks on the first page of Google Search Results


What do these numbers mean for you?

95 percent of people who could become your customers use Google and they click through to the top search results.

Good SEO brings sales

If you want your potentialcustomers to find you on Google you need to rank high for your high-revenue search terms. That way you will be able to get customer enquiries on an ongoing basis. When done right, search engine optimisation can easily increase your sales!

Don’t make these most common SEO mistakes

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Perhaps you think you already have an SEO-optimized page but still don’t get new customers.

Or you want to check out the professionals when comparing service providers. In both cases, you can use these errors as a check. All are logical or Google itself says (on the official help pages) that these errors are disadvantageous.

Mistake # 1: Only with the company name in first place

You are in first place with your company name and are surprised that you cannot get any new customers over the Internet. This is not a wonder! Because everyone who enters your company name already knows your company. This is not a new customer. And that's not SEO either. It is almost impossible to build a company page so badly that it is not in first place when you enter the company name.

Mistake #2: Too little search volume

You must be informed in advance of how often your target group searches for a term. Search phrases that are almost never searched are not worth investing in. Don't throw darts in the dark by simply taking keywords YOU think are important.

Mistake # 3: The wrong target group

A good SEO agency will be able to advise you on whether your target group is interested in a search term. For example, people who are looking for a job ina certain industry could also be looking at a search term but this is not the group  you can make sales to. A good digital marketing agency will be able to analyse target group relevance for you.

Mistake # 4: Outdated methods

It is not at all hard to find Google's most up-to-date search engine best practices. And yet, many SEO agencies and web designers disregard this and try to take the easy path with outdated SEO methods that Google WILL penalise your website for. In the worst case scenario, Google can ban your website and you will practically not exist on the internet. 

"Today it's not about 'get the traffic' - it's about get the targeted and relevant traffic."

- Adam Audette

Best SEO Service in Singapore

Free initial consultation

Get a free initial consultation which we will use to explain to you in the simplest terms how we approach SEO and what you can expect from us. You can than make up your mind! We believe in empowering our customers to make the best decisions.

Deep analysis

You will receive a detailed analysis from us about the potential in your market, the existing SEO mistakes on your website (if you have one) and the best SEO strategy for your business and website. This is the foundation you will need to grow your online presence.

Comprehensive strategy

We create a comprehensive SEO strategy and a holistic digital marketing plan for you. We will explain the rationale behind it and give you the big picture view if what we can do to grow sales for you using SEO best practices. 

Not just about rankings

The top position on Google is useless if you don't get enough customer enquiries. Unlike other agencies, we don't just focus on getting better ranking but also on conversion rate  ( = success rate) of your website. We optimize content, links, usability, visibility and so on.

Transparent costs

Before signing the SEO contract, you will find out what our service will cost and how these costs arise. This varies according to industry. Some industries require more time and investment than others. Therefore, there are no dubious flat rates with us. Get exactly what you pay for!

Realistic assessment

We do not make unrealistic and unsustainable promises. We want to do all the groundwork necessary to set you up for long term success. We will be reliable partners with you in doing the necessary to make your business future-proof. 

Advantages of our SEO Services in Singapore

More customers for you

We build our websites and plan your online marketing strategy.  Everything we do is geared towards getting more customers!

100 percent traceable

We provide you with facts and figures on how we want to win customers for you on the Internet. Expect full transparency.

Security through free initial consultation

First you will receive a free initial consultation from us. You decide on the offer after that.

Proven hundreds of times has successfully supported many businesses in online marketing. Our know-how speaks for itself.

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Speak to the experts who can offer some of the best Search Engine Optimisation Services in Singapore.
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