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Attract new customers with AdWords Advertising

  • 1. We analyze the right search terms and platforms.

  • 2. We create ads that attract your target group.

  • 3. We guide your target group to your products and services to convert them to customers.

Digital-Marketing-Mentor is run by certified Google Ads experts

We offer first-class Google Ads (Google Adwords) campaigns in Singapore.
Our campaigns are profit-oriented and bring more money to your company.


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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?  What is Google AdWords?

Search engine marketing/advertising (SEM/SEA) refers to advertisements businesses place on search engine results pages. These advertisements are shown in terms of relevance to a search result. For example, if you google cooking pans, you are likely to be shown pages that Google thinks is relevant to your search as well as paid advertisements from companies that sell cooking pans.

On Google, these ads are called AdWords. Your AdWords should appear exactly for the search terms that your potential customers enter. 


How do you win new customers with Google AdWords?

The principle is simple: If your potential customers are looking for your product or service, then your advertisement should be clearly visible and encourage customers to click on it.

Good advertisements make up the following:

  • 1. The right search phrases and platforms:

    The ad should be shown in response to the right search phrases and on websites where your customers are hanging out. This is the way to ensure you are not wasting money on pointless clicks from customers. Digital-Marketing-Mentor can analyse keyword search and help you to bid on the right search phrases where the money is!

  • 2. Addressing needs:

    If someone is looking for something, they want to find exactly that thing. A good advertisement should anticipate customers’ needs and direct them to products and services that could fulfill these needs. We do research on these needs and propose advertisement solutions that attract meaningful clicks from potential customers.

  • 3. High success at low prices:

    The prices at Google AdWords depend not only on the search input, but also on the quality of the ad. The Google experts from digital-marketing-mentor create high-quality ads for you. So you can spend less and achieve even more.

  • 4. Landing page for lead generation:

    Good AdWords advertising is not only about the ad, but also about the goal of the ad. The landing page must bring you as many customer requests, purchases, or bookings as possible. A particularly high success rate can be achieved with well-researched landing page creation techniques.

How do we create successful AdWords campaigns in Singapore

Step 1: Accurate keyword analysis

We will show you which search inputs are actually for prospective buyers. This way, we can significantly increase the likelihood of reaching your target group without wasting too much money on the ads.

Step 2: Optimization of the landing page

It’s not just about optimizing the ads. That only brings you many clicks and clicks cost money. You also need a landing page that converts clicks to sales and money. We will optimise to reach this goal.

Step 3: Monitoring and improving

We closely monitor the success of the advertising campaigns and continually improve them based on findings along the way. We don't let the campaigns run and your precious budget run out without results. 

Advantages of our Google Ads (Google Adwords) Services

More customers for you

We will create the online ads you need to reach your target group at low costs.  Everything we do is geared towards getting more customers!

100 percent traceable

We provide you with facts and figures on how we want to win customers for you on the Internet. Expect full transparency.

Security through free initial consultation

First you will receive a free initial consultation from us. You decide on the offer after that.

Proven hundreds of times has successfully supported many businesses in online marketing. Our know-how speaks for itself.

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Speak to the experts who can offer some of the best Google Ad Services in Singapore.
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